Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Paal Payasam (Kheer)


Is there anyone out there who doesnot like payasam irrespective of whether made from milk of coconut milk-jagree combo? Even if the answer to this question is yes, there would definitely be an overwhelming no from other in your house!! 

I am not detailing the benefits of the constituents of the Paal Payasam since its a sweet/dessert and its not very calorie conscious people out there :)
However, this is one of the easiest, but universally liked desserts that you can make!!


Rice-  Kerala rice - broken (podi ari) – 1.25 cup (100 gms) 
Milk – ½ litre
Milkmaid- 1 tin (400 gms)
Sugar-6 table spoon
Cashewnuts – 10  nos

Broken Kerala rice
cardamom - 4-5 nos
Raisins (Kismis) - 10-12 nos
Ghee -1 tablespoon


Put  the broken kerala rice in the cooker and pour 1/2  litre  of milk and ½ litre  of water. 
Add 6 teaspoons of sugar also. Cook in low  flame for 10  minutes after the first whistle in the cooker. 
Cardamon powder added into cooked rice-milk mix
Allow the pressure to get released slowly. Into the cooked rice-milk mix, add cardamom  powder and milkmaid and mix it thoroughly. Keep aside

Cashew and raisins stir fried
Take a frying pan and pour 1 table spoon ghee and  put  cashewnut  ,stirr tilll it  become  light brown in colour. Add kissmis into it and stirr it, till it expands and it becomes round  like grapes. put the roasted cashew and  kismiss into the payasam

Pal Paayasam is ready

It serves 5 to 6 members in a family.

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