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Beetroot Pachadi - Beetroot sauteed in curd and coconut-mustard paste

The Beetroot is one of the most important foods for increase in the red blood cells due to it high iron contents. Hence, it is especially beneficial in the treatment of anemia. Beetroot consumption increases the disease resistance strength of the body.  Beetroots are utilized for constipation, hemorrhoids and due to their rich content of folic acid they have huge benefits for the female reproductive system. It promotes the movement of gallstones out of the liver.
It is almost calorie free and beetroot juice is beneficial in the treatment of many diseases.

One of the very tasty dishes made from beetroot with minimum effort is the beetroot Pachadi. Lets see how to make this easy dish.


Beetroots - medium sized - 2 nos
Coconut -  1/2, grated
Green  chillies - 2 nos
Mustard seeds -1 tablespoon 
Curd - 100 ml
Curry leaves - 4-6 
Coconut oil - 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste


Grate  the   beetroots in a slicer.  

Take a frying pan and  pour  one  tablespoon coconut oil. After the oil is hot, put  the sliced beetroot into it.  Add a
pinch of  salt  and  saute  it for some time in low flame. Keep aside 
Add one tablespoon of mustard and 2 green chillies into the grated  coconut and grind these in a mixie. 

Add this ground mix into the sauteed beetroot. Add 1/2 glass  (around 100 ml) of curd and mix well.

Sauteed beetroot mixed with coconut-mustard-green chilly

Add fresh curry leaves. Garnish with one table spoon of coconut oil.   

Beetroot pachadi is ready. Its a great side dish with rice. 

Serves 4-5 people.

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