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Idichakka thoran (Tender Jackfruit Stir fried with grated coconut)

I am not sure whether Tender Jackfruit is commonly available in the markets outside Kerala... in Chennai we get during winter and I bought one immediately since good ones are a rarity even in this part of the country :)

Many of us eat jackfruit but don't realise that it has got huge health benefits. 
It has one of the widest range of nutrients that give wholesome health to us. It improves immunity, has anti-ageing qualities, is highly anti-oxidant, is anti-ulcer, is very high in fibre because of which it helps digestive system and helps bowel movement, improves vision, is a fast energy booster etc etc. The list goes on and on... 

We will now see how to prepare a stir fry (Thoran) version of this humble vegetable with so many good qualities.


tender jackfruit
Tender Jackfruit (Idichakka) - 1/2 of a medium sized tender jackfruit 
Grated coconut-1/2 of one
Shallots (Cheriya ulli) - 6-8 nos
Chilly powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon
Green chilly - 6-8 nos
Dry red chilly- 3-4 nos
Curry leaves - 6-8  nos
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
salt to taste


Cut the Tender jackfruit into two pieces. Peel the skin and the part containing the latex and clean it thoroughly. Chop the Tender jackfruit  into small cubes (approximately 2 cm of each side). 

Take a  vessel  and  put the chopped tender jackfruit pieces into it. Add 1 ½ glasses of water, add turmeric powder and close the lid. Allow it to get cooked under low flame. Once cooked, remove from fire, drain  it  and  allow it to cool. Pound  the  cooked pieces of the tender jack fruit. 

Chop the green chilly  and small onion separately. Mix the chopped items into the pounded pieces of the cooked Tender jackfruit.

Stir Frying:

Take a small frying  pan and pour 1 table spoon of  coconut  oil into it. Once the oil is hot put 1 teaspoon mustard into it. Once  the  mustard  seeds splutter, put red chillies into it.

Then put the pounded Tender Jackfruit into it and mix once. Close it with a lid. After sometime, open the lid and stir the mixture well and pour the grated coconut into it. Then again mix it well. Cook it uncovered for 5 minutes for it to get fried a bit.

Idichakka Thoran is ready. 
This is a great side dish for rice and serves 6-8 people.

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