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Nendhran Pazham/Etha Pazham Pradhaman (Payasam) / Banana Payasam

Nendhran Pazham Pradhaman

Nendran Pazham or Kerala Banana is widely used in Kerala and is one of the staple fruits of the state along with other fruits such as Jackfruit, pineapple etc.

Though we all are aware of the benefits of banana in general, very few of those outside Kerala know the benefits of this "King of Bananas"...

This banana is of great nutritious value and it has a rich combination of energy value, tissue building elements, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of calories, many other nutrients and enzymes. People of Kerala traditionally use this banana as a balanced and supplementary diet. Hence, it is a wonderful nutritious diet for easy digestion, which prevents diarrhoea and worm trouble. They are also packed with vital nutrients known for preventing tummy ulcers, its potassium content may help prevent the formation of kidney stones and protect against high blood pressure and stroke, the vitamins in bananas (particularly vitamins A, C, and E) can help protect your eyesight... Boiled and mashed banana is excellent for kids even from 4 months onwards...

Ingredients for Nendran Pazham Pradhaman

Nenthra Pazham - 2 medium sized, Ripe
Jaggery - 1 Cup (200 gms)
Ghee - 3 tspn + 1 tspn
Cashew nuts - 6-8 nos
Coconut bits - 15-20
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tpn

Process for Nendran Pazham Pradhaman

Extraction of coconut milk

Step -1
Take the grated coconut and grind it in the mixie. DO NOT ADD WATER.Take the ground coconut and squeeze it with your hands to extract the milk out of it.

This is called the first coconut milk.
You will get approx. 300 ml of this. Keep it aside.

Once the first milk is extracted, add around 100 ml of water into the ground coconut and grind it again in the mixie. 
Now take the ground coconut and squeeze it with your hands again to extract milk. 

This is the second milk and this will be dilute compared to the first milk.The second milk will be approx. 700ml. Keep it aside

Preparation of payasam

Clean and cut the plantain into 3 or 4 pieces and place them in a steamer and steam till banana is well cooked. If you donot have a steamer (in which idlis are made), you can use a pressure ccooker too.

Remove the outer skin and black coloured seed from the centre. Mash the cooked banana pieces to a paste using han.

Take a reasonably big pan. Heat it and pour ghee. 

Now saute the mashed banana paste for around 5 minutes till the water in the banana evaporates. 
Cook it in a low flame.

Meanwhile, heat 1/2 cup (100 ml) of water along with the Jaggery and let it melt. Stir it continuously and cook in medium heat until the mixture thickens. 


Now add this into the sauteed banana paste and mix thoroughly. Add the second extracted coconut milk. 

Keep stirring till this mixture becomes thick. Add the cardomom powder and stir well. Switch off the flame and add the first extract milk and keep aside.


Take a small frying pan and pour 1 tspn of ghee into it. 
Add coconut bits and fry until it turns golden brown. Next add the cashew nuts also and saute till they turn brownish. 

Add it to the nedhran pazham pradhaman...and its ready! 

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