Friday, 1 May 2015

Sharjah Shake (Banana Milk Shake with Cashew Nuts and Icecream)

Sharjah Shake 

Banana milk shake with ice cream is known as Sharjah shake in kerala.
Topped with vanilla ice cream and banana  makes it absolutely tasty. It was one of our fav. drinks during hangouts with friends... 
Its my all time favourite drink…


Milk frozen - 1 packet (500 ml)
Small bananas - 2, Njali Poovan (Preferred)
Horlicks/complain/boost - 2tbsp
Sugar -3 tbsp
Cashew Nut - 5 nos
Vanilla Ice cream - 1 Scoop


Take a packet of frozen milk (500 ml).  Crush the frozen milk well with a chappathi roller. 
Put in a mixer. 
Chop the two bananas and add them into the milk along with 4-5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of horlicks/boost/complain and 3-4 cashew nuts. I have used 2 tablespoons of boost.

Mix these well in the mixer. 

After sometime turn off the mixer, if the shake is consistent. The bananas must have got thoroughly mixed in the milk. 

Pour it into a glass, add the remaining  cashew nuts and place one scoop of vanilla on the top.

Serves 3...

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