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Koorka Mezhukkupuratti ( Chinese Potato / Siru kizhangu stir fry)

Koorka Mezhukkupuratti

Koorka belongs to the tuber family and has all the health benefits attached to these kinds of vegetables apart from the added benefit of a very distinct taste. 

Every household in Kerala prepares different dishes out of this vegetable and Koorka Mezhukkuparatti or stir fry is one of the most common of them. 

Lets see the method to prepare this dish.


Koorka - 200 gms
Dry red Chilly flakes -2 tablespoons
Curry leaves - 3-5 nos
Onions - 1 no. Medium sized. Shallots - 5-6 nos. also can be used

Salt to taste

Remove the skin of the koorka and clean it thoroughly. Slice the koorka into almost equal sizes. Boil the cleaned and sliced koorka and while boiling, put little salt into it. 

Once the koorka is cooked, drain the water and  keep it aside. 

Chop the onions/shallots into small pieces and keep aside. 

Take a frying pan and add 2-3 tablespoons of oil into it. Add the chopped onions into the pan. Add little salt into it. Stir the chopped onion till it turns light brownish. Add 2-3 teaspoons of chilly flakes into it and stir. 

Then add the cooked koorka into it. Stir well and leave it for a few minutes in the frying pan for it to get a little fried. This improves the taste of the dish dramatically.

Koorka Mezhukkuparatti is ready. Serves 3-4 people

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