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Gothambu / Wheat Puttu (Wheat flour steamed with layers of grated coconut in cylindrical shape)

Gothambu Puttu recipe

We have earlier seen how to make Puttu with Rice - which is the default method! Now we will see how to make puttu with wheat flour.

In Kerala, Puttu is make mainly in cylindrical shape in the vessel specifically made for this called Puttu Kudam with Puttu Kutti.

Like the puttu made of rice flour, this one is also a breakfast dish is usually eaten with green gram curry, banana, pappadam etc. 


Wheat flour - 200 gms 
Coconut - 1, Grated
Salt to taste


Pour around a litre of water into the puttu kudam (the pot - the bottom portion of the vessel) and keep it in low flame for it to heat up and boil.
Meanwhile, take the wheat flour in a wide mouthed pan; wide mouthed pan is for your hands to be able to freely move around inside the vessel when you mix water with the flour. Add one teaspoon of salt.  
Take around 200 ml of water and sprinkle one handful of that into the flour in the vessel. Make sure water is sprinkled consistently and slowly. Mix thoroughly. 

Since wheat four absorbs water quickly and forms lumps, we have to be very careful while sprinkling water. Each time you sprinkle a handful of water, mix it thoroughly to avoid lumps formation. The moment lumps get formed in wheat flour, its difficult to bring them back to the powdery form and the puttu will not come good. So sprinkling less water at a time and mixing the water and the flour immediately and thoroughly is very important.  For Puttu, we need to m
ake the complete wheat flour WET and NOT a dough.

Repeat this step  5-6 times.  Make sure there are no lumpsIf you require more salt, you can mix salt into the water being sprinkled...  
Wet wheat puttu mix

After around 5-6 times - which mean you would have added around 150 ml water into the wheat flour - the complete flour would have become wet. It should hold its shape when pressed between your fist and crumble easily when pressed harder/poked
Now, take the puttu kutti (the cylindrical upper portion of the puttu maker) and put some grated coconut into it. Make sure you put the mesh that comes alongwith the vessel into the cylinder.Then add the wet rice flour for till it reaches around half of the kutti. Now add some more grated coconut, and add the wet rice flour for till it reaches  almost the top of the kutti. Add grated coconut again and close the kutti with its lid.

Wheat puttu requires more grated coconut to be added than rice puttu... 

Place it into the puttu kudam (bottom portion, in which water would have started boiling by now). Keep in medium flame. After sometime steam would start coming out oif the pores in the lid. Once the steam start coming out, keep in low flame for about 5 more min.
Now remove/detach the upper cylindrical part from the bottom part and remove the lid from the cylinder. Push out the cooked puttu from inside the cylinder into a plate. 

Gothambu Puttu is ready. Can be eaten with Green gram stir fried, bananas etc.

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