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Vishu Sadya - Dishes served and their recipes

Vishu is here and has come really fast!!! 

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In my childhood I used to wait  for Vishu to come fast for one sole reason - Vishu Kaineetam!! in those days, vishu kaineetam used to be given by ammavan, ammayi, valyachan  and my father. First I used to get vishu kaineetam from my father, then  ammavan, ammayi, valiyachan, ammumma also...

After getting the kaineetam, me and my brother used to count it …beautiful memories indeed...
At that time everyone used to give only Rs. 5 notes or Rs. 10 note…now it is changed as Rs. 500/1000!

Dishes prepared for Vishu Sadya:

Given below are the major dishes served for Vishu Sadya. While preparing Vishu Sadya, we donot usually add onions/shallots and garlic into any of the dishes.

My mother never tastes the food for Sadya before serving esp. on auspicious occasions like Vishu because the food  is served to God first...

I am giving the names of the dishes below and also the link to the respective recipe in my blog. Hope this turns out to be very useful. 

Main course:

1) Rice (preferably Kerala rice, if not, normal white rice)

2) Sambar - Click Here

3) Pulisshery -  Click Here

4) Moru or Butter milk

Side Dishes:

5) Avial -  Click Here

6) Erissery -  Click Here

7) Thoran - Click Here

8) Olan - Click Here

9) Istu -  Click Here

10) Kootu Curry - Click Here

11) Pachadi -  Click Here

12) Kichadi -  Click Here


13) Inji Curry (also called Puli Inji) - Click Here

14) Manga curry (Mango Pickle) -  Click Here


15) One Jagree Payasam/Pradhaman- 

16) One Milk payasam 


17) Pappadam

18) Banana Chips

19) Sharkara Varatti

20) Banana

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