Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Idiyappam - Rice flour pressed into noodles and steamed

The Idiyappam story:

As usual, yesterday evening, I was thinking about what breakfast to make today morning...! And again as usual, I started pestering HIM on what he wants for breakfast tomorrow and he gave his usual reply of "you make anything" and escaped :)
In a state of total confusion about what to make the next day morning, I started looking at my blog to see if there was any major breakfast dish which I am yet to put in the blog... :)
At that time my son suddenly came like a flash from nowhere and asked me - Can you make Idiyappam for me tomorrow morning??" And so here it is... I made Idiyappam today!!

About Idiyappam:

Idiyappam, also called Noolputtu in some parts of Kerala is a traditional food of Southern India esp. Kerala and Tamilnadu. It is made mainly with rice and sometimes with Ragi (finger millet) flour too…

In Kerala its eaten mainly with a curry such as Kadala Curry, Egg curry apart from non-veg curries 
The main side dish for this is Kadala Curry. Click here to see how to make Kadala Curry…

Idiyappam string hopper


Roasted fine rice flour – 1 cup
Water – Hot Water, approx. 300 ml 
Oil – 2 teaspoon
Coconut  - ½, Grated  


In a pan, heat 200 ml of water and keep aside.

In another vessel, take the flour and mix with salt (to taste). Now add  the hot water little by little to the flour and  mix well with a spoon. Do not pour all the water in one go. 

When the dough becomes warm  start kneading  with your hands.  

Pour 2 teaspoons of gingerly oil into the dough while kneading (adding gingelly oil makes the dough and the idiyappam soft) and you will be able to roll a non-sticky and  soft  yet firm dough. 

Now take a idli making vessel and pour a litre of water into it and allow it to get heated. Meanwhile, take an ‘Idiyappam press’ (as shown in figure) and fill the Idiyappam dough in it. 

Squeeze the dough into the idly plate in small circular shapes of the size of an idli (grease the plate with oil before pressing so that the idiyappam doesnot stick to the idli plate). 

Sprinkle a spoon of grated coconut on each of them. 

Now keep the idli plate into the idli vessel and all close it tight. Always keep the idly plate with the idiyappam after the water starts to boil. Keep in high flame. 

It will  take just 4-5 minutes to cook. Switch off the flame after f5 minutes and leave it for around 5 minutes. 

Remove the Idiyappams from the Idly plate. 
They will drop easily without sticking to the plate.

Idiyappam is ready...

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