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Rava Puttu (Wet Semolina steamed with layers of grated coconut in cylindrical shape)

We have earlier seen how to make white rice puttu. You can read that post by clicking here. 
Now we see how the same dish with Rava or Sooji. This is especially good for people who avoid rice dishes.


Puttu Maker
(Bottom part is called puttu kudam
and the top cylindrical part is puttu kutti)
Upma Rava (also called Bombay  rava)/Sooji - 250 gms
Coconut - 1/2-grated
Salt to taste

Puttu Maker or Puttu Kudam with Puttu Kutti is required to prepare this dish. You can purchase this online or from a vessel shop. Ask for Kerala Puttu Maker.


First of all, roast the rava in a frying pan in medium flame until the raw smell goes away (around 10-12 minutes). Spread the roasted rava on paper and allow it to cool.

Parallelly, pour around a litre of water into the puttu kudam and keep it in medium flame for it to boil.

Once the roasted rava cools down, take a wide mouthed pan and put the rava into the pan. Sprinkle little amount (approx. 2 table spoons) of water on the rava  and mix fast and  thoroughly. Repeat  this 7-8 times to make a lump free dough.
Final Puttu dough
Each time you add water, mix the rava  thoroughly  until it is lump free and looks dry. Rava has the ability to soak up water fast. Your dough is ready when your mixture is moist enough to hold shape when pressed gently in your hands. When pressed more, it  should crumble easily.

Add  2-3 spoon grated coconut into it and mix it again. 

Next take the the puttu kutti (the cylindrical portion of the puttu maker) and put some grated coconut into it. Make sure you put the mesh that comes along with the vessel into the cylinder. 
Then add the prepared rava dough till it reaches  almost  half of the kutti. Add a handful of grated coconut into the kutti. Again add  the prepared rava dough till it reaches  almost  top of the kutti. Add a layer of grated coconut again and close the kutti with its lid.

Place it into the puttu kudam (bottom portion in which water would have started by now. Keep it in medium  flame. After some time, steam would start coming out of the pores in the lid. At this point, reduce the flame to Low for about 5 more minutes.  

Now remove the kutti from the kudam and push the puttu into a plate.

Rava puttu is ready. Best to be eaten with Banana, Kadala Curry, Pappadam etc.

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  1. The photos are nice. To avoid stickiness, my mom used to mix salted hot water little by little to mix the roasted Rava.